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Our Programs

Our infants are provided with a warm, welcoming class to begin their day.  All children are provided with their own crib sheet and designated crib.  Younger infants must have their bottles made and clearly marked with their name upon arrival.   Older infants are provided with Vitamin D milk and table food when they reach the appropriate age.  Diapers, blankets, extra changes of clothes, baby food, and cereal must be brought from home.
Each child will receive a daily report showing what their day consisted of. This includes diaper changes, naps, feeding times, etc.
Infants are in cribs only for napping.  Children are not permitted to have a bottle with them in their bed.  Infants will be held during all bottle feedings.
Our infant staff is very accommodating to the different schedules each child may have.

Toddler, Pre-School, and Pre-Kindergarten:
Toddlers, Pre-School, and Pre-Kindergarten have separate areas and the children follow specific schedules.  Each classroom begins their day with circle time.  Circle time consists of songs, stories, flash cards, and more advanced material the older the child.
Each week’s theme/ lesson is based in a curriculum specifically designed according to the age group.  Two year olds, pre-school, and pre-k become familiarized with phonics and number concepts.  Arts and crafts, dramatic play, science, gross motor, fine motor, and music play a large role in their day as well. Outdoor play occurs twice a day, weather permitting.

School Agers:
We transport to the following schools: Goodridge, Burlington, Stephen's, & Yealey Elementary.
School age Summer Program:
Each year, we offer our a summer program for school agers. This program is open to any child up to 12 years of age. We will go on field trips to the Zoo, the Aquarium, Sunrock Farm, baseball games, the Florence fire department, and many more! Planned activities in the Center as well as a "water day” occur when we are not on field trips.  If you are interested, please sign up in advance as spaces fill very quickly.



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